Deco Adjustable Outdoor Standing Fan – Kailua
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  • 38-50” Tall x 19” Wide
  • ETL “Wet Listed” Safety Rating
  • Coated With U/V-Resistant All-Weather Paint
  • Includes All-Weather Fan Head Cover

It’s fan-tastic! Our 18” Kailua Deco Adjustable Outdoor Standing Fan does more than just provide you with a gentle breeze; it makes a great design statement with its stylish round base and long neck featuring elegant decorative elements that add texture and class. Its deep brown color, including the blades, accented by a delicate wicker-like lighter pattern, elevates the fan from being merely functional to beautifully decorative.

This oscillating 53-watt Kailua fan features a weighted base, automotive outdoor-rated paint, and all-weather fan head cover, and its telescoping neckpiece is adjustable from 38” to 50”. Be ready to get blown away! You’ll come to rely on this elegant piece to generate a cooling breeze that helps make even the hottest summer days more palatable—and you’ll feel like you’re vacationing in Hawaii.

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